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Technical Specs: Precast/Insitu Combination


  • Read this drawing in conjunction with other specialist.
  • The contractor to check all dimensions on site. All discrepancies to be reported immediately.
  • Before any manufacture of slabs takes place the manufacturer is to satisfy himself that all walls and openings are in the as planned positions. Adjustments to widths and length of panels are to be in accordance with the site dimensions taken before manufacture of precast panels.
  • Precast concrete is 36MPa or 20MPa before lifting and transport of any slabs.
  • Standard mesh is denoted......... with steel directions as indicated. Mesh is cast into 50mm precast slabs and extra reinforcing is scheduled and shown separately.
  • All lateral precast slab joints are to bridge with reinforcing shown..........

    on top of the 50mm precast slab
  • Lattice reinf is cast into the precast slabs the height varies according to the slab thickness specified. The lattice height shall be such that a minimum cover to top or bottom of the composite slab is not less than 20mm.
  • Lattice spanning is a max of 625mm or 325mm edge distance.
  • All mesh is to be lapped if applicable by at least 2 wires or with extra reinf projecting 45 diam passed the join on both sides of the join

See Technical sketches