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DIY KITS for Pre-cast Stairway Elements

How do I order a DIY kit?????

Option 1 : Call eco to discuss specs or fax / email plan and indicate supply only.

Option 2 : Follow the steps below and submit the form.

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Step 1 : Determine number of risers and treads required.

Measure the FFL to FFL height and divide by the riser 184, 170, or 166. These are the standard risers that Eco can offer. each riser has a corresponding tread as depicted in the Riser/Tread table.

Please bear in mind that if you have a L-Shape or U-Shape staircase, your flights(goings) apart from the landings may require different stringer codes ie: top going E5 and bottom going E8.

* Download and print Eco's installation guide under the installation section and print the Riser/Tread table

Step 2 : Select the "best to fit" option, ie: Riser with the corresponding Tread
Eg: 184mm riser * 250mm tread (E Type)
Stringer Code
Step 3 : Determine what type of aesthetic look is required

Open riser
(click for pic)

Exposed options
Light Grey:
ROK Chip:
Closed riser
(click for pic)
Basic and ready to plaster
Bull Nose
(click for pic)
Body Glove
(click for pic)
You should now have the stringer type (E,P,S,T) and code that will fit your stairwell area.
Step 4 : What is the width and shape of the staircase


Shape: Straight
  L Shape
  Dog Leg/U Shape
Step 5 : Determine attachment to slab above
If you are connecting to a slab above you will require a bracket, which will be manufactured according to the width as selected in Step 4a above.
Bracket required? Yes:  No:
Step 6 : Determine costing estimate subject to Eco assessment (900mm wide)

(Incl delivery within 50km of Blackheath Off Loading by others)

Straight R 294.00 excl vat per step
L Shape R 343.00 excl vat per step
(incl landing components)
Dog legs R 369.00 excl vat per step
(incl landing components)
Step 7 : What accessories do you require to install components

a) diamond blade
To cut beams and landing slabs to required lengths.

b) 14mm drill bit
To drill holes for studs to connect bracket
c) Steel blade
To cut top of studs off once inserted.
d) Rope
to lift components into place
e) Round bar
4 * R20 bar to carry componets with labour
f) Rebar
y10 required the width of staircase (not for open risers)
g) Mesh on bracket
Tacked to bracket for easy plastering (not required)
h) Anchors
Extra chemical anchors
Step 8 : Confirmation
Submit form once all boxes are ticked. Eco will confirm order and delivery once proof of deposit is received.
Banking Details:

Stair Creations T/A Eco Stairs and Decks
Acc. No: 4066420319
Branch: Parow
Branch code: 632856

* Please note that by clicking the submit button you are agreeing to Eco's terms and conditions under the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Step 9 : Do you require an Engineer appointment, diagram and certificate.
Your installation will be checked/inspected by the engineer. The engineers underwrite all eco supplied components
Email, SMS, Fax proof of deposit payment using Step 6 as a guide for deposit.