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The installation of the Eco Precast Stair System by hand:
After erection of the components a single Y12 reinforcing bar is placed into a hole in the stringers and grouted in through the aperture provided on the treads. Care must be taken to ensure that the reinforcing bar runs through the full width of the stair. The grout mixture should be made up of relatively dry river sand and cement. If all the voids, on the appropriate tread, are properly grouted to capacity it will result in a monolithic structure which in turn will prevent micro movement of the stringers to ensure a crack free finish on the stair.

Final Finishing of Eco Stairs

All conventional finishes can be applied to treads and risers. The following suggestions will ensure maintenance.

Treads and Risers

  • If the stair has been installed with minimum adjustment to levels it can be tiled with ceramic tiles without any additional screeding, otherwise a 30mm screed is recommended.
  • If the stair is open to the elements, it is advisable to use a waterproofing membrane on the treads and risers before final finishing of the stair.
  • In the case of vinyl or carpeting of the stairs, we recommend a 30mm Screed on the treads and risers before final finishing.
  • The surface finish of the components are such that a substantial mechanical bond is obtained by tile adhesives or cementitious screeds.

Landing Slabs

A 30 - 50mm cementitious topping is required on all landing slabs prior to final finishing.

Soffits of stringers and landing slabs
Depending on the required aesthetics and the location of the stairs, the soffit finish can vary between a 12mm plaster, a cementitious tyrolean, a sprayon textured paint finish or the stair can be left as is.


  • Brick balustrades can be built directly on the precast stringers in the conventional manner.
  • Steel, wood or aluminum balustrades can be fixed into the edge stringer by drilling a hole to suit and filling the aperture with a non-shrink grouting material.
  • The same can be fixed onto the side of the edge stringer by means of drilling holes and using expanding bolts or screws.

Design Criteria

Stringers and landing beams are designed to cater for 5Kn/m2 superimposed live load, which also provides adequate reinforcement for handling.

All calculations and design criteria are based on SABS 0100.

Concrete Design Strength - 40Mpa