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Conditions of Sale

Finishes: Eco do not supply any finishes other than the exposed options available. All other types of staircases, stringers, brackets etc require a 30mm plaster screed for leveling. Excludes  Balustrades.
  • Acceptance
    This estimate shall remain valid and shall be capable of being accepted, for a period of 30 (thirty) days from date hereof. Thereafter the quotation shall lapse
  • Payment
    • On acceptance of this estimate, a deposit of 50% for the contract price is required. This deposit must be posted or delivered to our offices as soon as possible to avoid delays on installation.
      • If a normal cheque is provided as a deposit we will wait for bank clearance before processing the order.
      • Balance to be paid C.O.D. with a bank guaranteed cheque.
    • No retention is to be withheld.
    • Our factory is to be considered an extension of the contract site for purposes of receiving payment for units stored in our yard
  • Drawings
    • If requested by the customer, Eco shall supply final Engineering drawings in duplicate. This does not imply acceptance of the adequacy of the supports to take the applied and dynamic floor loads.
    • An engineering fee can be included to cover the following items where required:
      • Design of supporting structure.
      • Issuing of engineers certificate.

      This service is provided by an outside professional engineer for which Eco can accept no responsibility whatsoever.

  • Liability
    We shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature or kind and howsoever arising whether direct of indirect, consequential or otherwise alleged to be sustained by you as a result or attributable to:
    • Any delay in the manufacture of delivery of the goods;
    • Failure by us to manufacture or deliver goods or to render services as a result directly or indirectly of vis major, strikes, labour disputes, delays in manufacture or transportation of goods, shortages of materials or labour, or any other act or situation or cause, which is directly or indirectly or entirely or partly beyond our control;
    • Any acts of omission or negligence (gross or otherwise) attributable to us or to any of our employees or agents or servants or any other person for whom we may in law be liable.
  • Ownership
    Ownership in the goods shall remain vested in Eco until the full purchase price has been paid.
  • Installation
    • Eco's manual shall be followed carefully in installing the goods.
    • Eco shall not be responsible for any defect in the installation of the goods whatsoever.
    • Eco shall not be responsible for any delay in the installation of the goods whatsoever.
    • Volume availability at customer's programme requirement dates cannot be guaranteed until time of order.
    • Deliveries on specified dates are subject to availability as required by us of all necessary materials, labour and transport and shall further be subject to any other cause or circumstance beyond our control.
  • Indemnity
    The customer hereby indemnifies Eco against any claim from a third party arising out of the goods hereby sold or the installation thereof or the failure to install timeously
  • Variations
    Eco shall not be responsible for minor variations in the thickness of the slab. To eliminate these variations, additional topping may be required.
  • Level supports are to be provided by yourselves at either end of our flooring units. You are responsible for providing bearings over openings (windows, doors, etc.) and checking the whole structures' suitability for the applied load.
  • Ground floor partition walls are to be hard packed under flooring units to support partition wall at first floor..
  • Tolerance on level of tops of walls are 2.5.. in 1.2m or 1 in 500.. Should actual tolerances be in excess of these figures, any remedial work required for the placing of the floor units will be for your account.
    • All prices are based on slabs in multiples of 300mm wide irrespective whether narrower widths are used.
    • Eco retains the right in its absolute discretion to alter the installation price by giving the customer written notice thereof prior to the date of installation.
    • Delivery charges may vary due to escalation in petroleum products and license costs.
    • Once the slabs have been positioned, the customer shall be responsible for all further work, including without limitation, the propping, jointing, topping and finishing work to the soffit of the slabs.
    • The VAT rate applicable at the time of installation will be chargeable.
  • If the customer does not fulfill the requirements for the preparation and accessibility of the site, the customer hereby agrees to pay Eco extra charges incurred, resulting from such failure, A Certificate signed by Eco reflecting the amount of such charges shall constitute prima facie proof of the amount of such charges.
    • 7 Metres clear and sound access up to and around buildings to be erected is to be provided by the customer free of charge to Eco prior to the start of erection of the slabs.
    • Eco cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever caused to driveways, gardens, buildings, gateways, walls or any other form of property in achieving and erecting the floor slabs.
  • Joint filling and structural topping with 25 MPa concrete to be provided by contractor, The amount of topping is specified on the layout sketch or your Engineer's drawing.
  • Propping must be done prior to installation where slabs exceed 4.5m in length. Props to be installed and provided by contractor.
  • Our price is based on the use of our standard truck mounted crane and reasonable access. Should a larger crane be required, an additional fee will be charged.
  • Our Price includes one site visit by our foreman to measure up. Any further visits will be charged out at R300 per visit.