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Technical Specs
The product is made up of 150mm wide precast concrete sections called stringers which are supported by L-shaped concrete landing beams that span between supporting walls or columns.
It is designed to span up to 10 risers clear span from a suspended slab downwards. Support is required around landings and also below the bottom 4-5 steps of a straight stair.

Every stringer is designed with ready made treads and risers of various dimensions (Landing Dimensions). The product is installed by hand and provides a smooth soffit that can be skim plastered or finished with Rhinolite.

A typical stair layout would consist of the following components:

  • Reinforced Precast Stringers
    Stringers are made up in riser heights 166mm and 250mm tread, 170mm and 300mm tread and 184mm with a 250mm or 270mm tread. All stringers are 150mm wide and the number of risers per stringer vary from 2 to a maximum of 10. Stringers are designed to carry brick balustrade walls if required, it is therefore possible to design stairs with the minimum restriction as far as supporting walls or columns are concerned.
  • Reinforced Precast Landing Beams
    Landing beams used with the stair stringers are the key to obtaining various configurations of stairs i.e. dogleg stairs, quarter turn stairs, open well stairs, bifurcated stairs and divaricated stairs. The maximum span allowed for a standard landing beam is 3500mm carrying a full load of stringers. All landing beams are cut to size prior to installation.
  • Eco Landing Slabs
    Midway landings and walkways can be supplied if required. As a rule Eco Hollow Core Floor slabs will be used for these applications.
Typical Reinforcing Detail

Typical selection showing T8 string
Top and bottom dimensions applicable to all standard strings

  • An extra tread is obtained by placing the strings on top of the concrete surface bed.
  • Flexibility on floor to ceiling heights may be achieved by tilting the strings and leveling them with screed.
  • Landing beams are designed to span up to 2.8m clear span.
  • All stairs are designed for 4kn/m imposed load.

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